A Week in The Life : Friday's Photos + Words

Friday. Almost there! Today was a bit of a different day….I had another sleepless night and was up from 230-6, only to get woken up at 7am after finally falling back to sleep. (I was too lazy to grab a camera this time around.) When I finally got out of bed it was a scurry to get Holly off to school. Notice the winter gear this AM…weren’t we outside without jackets yesterday?!

Somebody is teething pretty badly right now, so refused to nap at 9am AGAIN–

So while the baby watched my friend Lisa came over and taught me how to make my own baby food. Easy Peasy.

Yes I still have bed-head in this picture. Don’t judge.

That took up our entire morning. When she left, baby and I crawled into bed–

where we stayed until 4pm. (And yes I need, and use, all of those pillows. One under my head, one at my knees, and two behind me as I nurse the baby lying down. It takes a bit of talent I tell you!)

Daddy surprised me and picked up Holly from school, and then came home where he had a chance to bond with his baby girl–

before she tried homemade rice cereal for the first time.

She opened her mouth right up for it, I would say she is ready! Before we knew it it was time for evening snuggles–

but since a mom’s work is never done I made a batch of steel cut oatmeal

and made a last minute run to Target for the gift we need for tomorrow’s birthday party Holly and I are attending.

What’s not pictured:
-me finding Holly playing in her room a full TWO hours after I put her to bed
-me face timing my sister-in-law in Guam about a possible surprise California trip in two weeks (!)
-me realizing it’s now after 11pm and I have stayed up too late AGAIN

See you tomorrow!

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