A Week in The Life : Sunday's Photos + Words

I did it, I did it, I did it! Well….at least part of it. I have the photos and words, interested to see if I ever get them into pages! I am going to take a day to think about this, but I do intend on setting myself up with some plans/goals to get this done. I seem to do well with self-imposed deadlines here (heavily influenced by what “everyone else” is doing). I am interested in how Ali plans to share her stuff, and am pretty certain I will follow her lead.

The girls and I spent the day at my in-law’s farm at a Wedding Shower pretty much all day today. And although that was a special event, there was still quite a bit that went on that is representative of a typical day at the farm.


Holly LOVES breakfasts at the farm. Typically they involve waffles, but this morning she enjoyed Grandpa’s super moist coffee cake, scrambled eggs, and lil smokies. My daughter LOVES her some meat! Judging by the pile I see here on her plate, I am guessing she is not all that into eggs anymore…..

There was plenty of time before getting dressed and guests arriving to enjoy some playtime on the floor–

followed by some playtime outside with Grandpa. He scored this great basketball hoop for $8 last week at a Thrift Store. Holly made a ton of baskets, and really liked to celebrate when she did!

Holly changed into her dress, but still wasn’t ready to give up any Grandpa time (she is his shadow for sure) so off they went to enjoy the swing in the big old oak tree–

Guests started to really arrive around noon, so we gathered for a wonderful lunch of taco salad and had a great time looking at all of the gifts. I have decided I need to throw myself a “I have been married nearly ten years and need neat new gadgets and household goods” kind of shower here soon.

During the shower Marie got to try out the family high chair. This puppy has been around since the 70’s! Love how she is looking at her reflection!

My sweet baby was the hit of the party–love my little charmer here:

wearing her first nametag!

Holly occupied herself by playing outside with cousins before it was time to go–

When we returned home, both girls were excited to see their daddy again. He had had a nice 24-hr break from the wife and kids. His review of the experience? That our house can be very, very quiet…

What a great week!

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  • Jan - What a great WITL you have created with lots of wonderful memories of family & friends, a pleasure to look at – thank-you for sharing.

  • Stephanie - Oh my gosh, what a cute weekend and a great recap! Couldn’t live without your blog!!!ReplyCancel

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