A Week in The Life : Wednesday's Photos + Words

Day three. I feel like a little kid when I say, “Are we there yet?” I am beginning to feel like I am running out of things to photograph and the energy to do it. 🙂

Wednesday morning started with a flurry of activity to get Holly off to preschool. As she was brushing her teeth I remembered it was still Week in The Life, and ran for my camera. I Love this photo of her on the stool. *sigh* I look at this photo and know that in not so many years she won’t even need a stool anymore to reach the sink. (But we will need another bathroom. One bathroom, in a house of three women, is going to get tough.)

Wednesday was a very big day around here. At preschool there is a zipping party! All year the kids have been working on zipping their zippers themselves, and Holly often has mentioned a zipping party–but truthfully I thought it was something she made up. (Holly likes to create new and fun reasons to party.) Turns out there really is a party, and Holly couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store.

Thankfully school isn’t too far down the road, and was looking quite pretty this morning when we arrived. This put me in a better mood…I didn’t realize I would be taking Holly to school this morning so I looked a bit disheveled, and felt a little grumpy. This scene definitely cheered me up.

Yes, that’s exactly what her school looks like–it’s a little hobby farm. Best little preschool in The Cities as far as I am concerned, so sad that it’s her last year there. Can’t wait for Marie to get the chance to go!

When we returned home it was time for Marie’s nap and time for my “busyness.” (If you read my blog this week you know that that’s what Holly calls my housework.) While nursing the baby as we got ready for her nap this morning, Marie did something she never did before–she reached for my face. When I realized what she was doing I brought my face down closer and she touched it with her little hand. Thankfully I was holding my iphone (reading blogs you know) so I snapped this shot moments after it all happened.

You can still see the remnants of a smile on her little face. What you can’t see are the tears on mine.

Remember yesterday when I said that it’s hard when you know something is happening for the last time with your kids? Turns out the first times aren’t that easy either.

***the picture is insanely grainy due to the low light and iphone photography but I still love it. Damned if I am not tearing up again now as I write the story***

This time I remembered to get a photo of me doing my daily pick-ups (I call them my checks) while–you guessed it–talking to my mom on the hands-free headset. I LOVE that darn thing. It makes housework so much more tolerable. Sort of like running with an ipod.

While the baby continued to sleep, and I still had the energy to accomplish something and the headset on, I tackled a project from my house list–organizing Holly’s craft drawer in the kitchen. Man do we have a lot of paper, coloring books, pencils, markers, and crayons. I am a firm believer in a craft drawer in the kitchen if you have kids. This little drawer has saved my sanity at least 100 times.

When the baby woke up we played a bit in her exersaucer–

and she had fun from afar with her “Cake.”

So happy that technology has come as far as it has. My mom thinks it’s hard being a long-distance grandparent now? Ha! Could you imagine what this was like before the age of facetime, internet, or blogs?

We decided to get some fresh air and took a little walk–

and then returned home for another nap and lunch.

If you are wondering, yes, I really do weigh my food like that when I am on the WW program. Speaking of Weight Watchers, don’t you love the silver duct tape on my scale? I swear that piece of tape has been on there at least ten years to get it to work right. I don’t know what’s more pathetic–me not getting a new scale, or the fact that over the past ten years I have been trying to lose the same damn pounds.

Marie woke up just in time for my hair appointment, so off we went to make mommy a blonde again.

Marie did wonderful, and just sat there in her stroller the whole 90 minutes it took to get myself all polished up. All of the hairdressers kept telling me I had the best baby in the world, and I couldn’t help but agree!

My appointment ended and gave me about five minutes to pick-up Holly, which I did just in the nick of time. She had a balloon in hand, and stories of cake and celebration to tell. The zipping party was a hit, and she proclaimed, “Today is the best day I have had, EVER.” We decided to celebrate some more, so we headed to Punch Pizza for dinner. (They were having one of their free pizza nights. How’s that for kismet?) Holly LOVES Punch, and can easily eat an entire pizza herself.

We texted Daddy in line only to find out that he was already home, so we got everything to go–

and enjoyed a nice evening on the deck together as a family. (Don’t you just LOVE Marie’s crossed feet in this picture? She totally did that on her own. )

Wednesday is a wrap. I am too tired to take a new picture of my blonder self, so that will have to be on tomorrow’s post. Kids are in bed, and Justin is asleep on the couch. This Mom isn’t going to be that too far behind.

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  • Christina - lovely photos and even more beautiful children! I also teared up at your nursing story, of course remembering how my own children used to breastfeed so many years ago. How time flies.ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Shelley - Can’t decide which photo I like the best! They are all wonderful. Little Marie is going to make up for the hard time you had with Holly as an infant. Enjoy these days, I remember I enjoyed every one with Tiffany. Poopy diapers and all! LOLReplyCancel

  • Cake - Well I had to shed tears too. I am such a sentimental fool, Love the pictures and love the one of me talking to Marie of course. I miss my girls so badReplyCancel

  • Holly Too - I want Punch Pizza!! Love the pictures. What a happy baby. Love Too!ReplyCancel

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