Another Houseguest :)

Last Thursday night I stumbled on a blog that talked at length about how bad recovery could be for a tonsillectomy, and it had me so scared that I immediately called my mom to come help me this week. Although Holly’s recovery has gone much better than I expected, we are not out of the woods yet, and quite honestly it’s always nice to have company. (I can actually do things like get my eyebrows waxed…alone!)

We went to the airport this afternoon to pick her up, it was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t resist “instagramming” it up. Enjoy our afternoon in photos. I LOVE the clouds in this picture!

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe’s. Mom wanted to get some of their Basmati Rice blend, and Marie? Well she was just to excited to sit up all by herself again! (We had already been there once today.) She looks like such a big girl here–their straps work like a charm holding her upright! For anyone that knows my husband, is she the spitting image of her daddy or what?

When we got back home it was full-on grandma mode….and my mom was all too happy to oblige. It is always so heartwarming to see her with my girls. She took some time to read with Holly (btw the quilt I mentioned making last weekend is there in the corner of this picture)…

and helped me feed the baby dinner on the deck. How is it that grandmothers can get my kids to eat 3x what I can?

If I had to sum up the next few days, I would have to say this picture about says it all…..

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. So much so it usually drives my mother nuts!

Have a great week!

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  • A. Shelley - Now you know how you got fed! We have ‘perience! Not to mention the time an patience that Mom’s don’t have. Part of being a grandparent! LOL

    Know the kids will soak up all the spoiling that they will get and that Laurie will be in her element. Enjoy the visit, and Holly get better soon!

    I have said from day one that Marie looks like Justin and that Holly looks like you. A split of the gene pool right down the middle! We did the same with our kids, Yvonne looks like me and Tiffy like Del, except they both have his coloring. Still all in all you have beautiful little girls and I just know Marie is going to be as full of life as Holly as she gets older, until she gets fed up with being “bossed” by big sissy! LOLReplyCancel

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