December Daily 2014 : Days 10-15

Back again with another bulk installment of my album. LOVING doing a hybrid album this year, and really loving the 6×8 size. (I also am really excited I have been able to keep up!!)

First up is Day Ten. This is a hodge podge of memories from the month, and maybe the first time I have ever include quotes in a December Daily album. (The upper left card is accidentally upside down BTW. Sorry!) I never knew how much I loved writing around the edge of a card until now…holy cow. I think I have repeated that at least three or four times in the past few days. Anyhow…quotes. My absolute favorite thing to memory keep. This old brain of mine won’t remember this stuff if I don’t write it down!


Day Eleven is another mix of actual days (meaning that pretty much nothing here is from the 11th of December) and memories. This seems to be happening a lot this month because I am NOT doing Project Life weeks at the same time. I kind of like it! (And look…there is writing around the edges of the card again!) One of my favorite photos of the month is a our family selfie there on the right. It’s not too often we are all in the frame together.


Day Twelve was all about Santa Claus. We visit the same Santa every year at the Mall of America, except this year he was sick. (His replacement was pretty impressive however.) The girls did WONDERFUL and we all had a great time. Note to self for next year–schedule the first appointment of the day again. IT. WAS. AWESOME. This spread had a little insert (4 pocket cut in half) that included individual images of the girls and Holly’s list written out in her handwriting. Here is a look at the first spread:


and here is a look at the other side of the insert and the right page. I haven’t decided if I am keeping that HO HO HO page–it might be too much white and I might not like my own handwriting in there. Would love opinions!


Day 13 is the first one-page¬†layout of the whole album. (I was sort of lazy with the camera over the weekend.) On this page I showcased a photo of the cardinal I have been stalking in our backyard , a photo of me watching football, and a silhouette of Justin as we drove through the light show around one of the lakes here in Saint Paul. I realize now that the 13th frame has a different weekday listed other than the Sunday I stamped on the football card. Oh well! I am going to treat this like those movie blunders you read about in Yahoo–I will be curious if anyone ever notices! I made an insert out of the flyer we received at the light show.


Day Fourteen was the story of what I did this weekend, and what the rest of my family did. I had a girls night at my house and Justin took the girls on a “Daddy Adventure.” We all had the BEST time! The back of the flyer is kind of ugly so I might cover that up with something…..


Last but not least is yesterday, Day Fifteen. I took Ree downtown to Macy’s and then we met Daddy for lunch. Lots of photos this day…I actually may go back and add an insert. (And/or I might rearrange this layout. Something doesn’t look right to me.) I have a cute one Ree standing next to the bus stop that didn’t get included that would make a nice 3×8 photo. I have my sewing machine out so time to make some custom size page protectors!!


That’s a wrap. I am knee deep in sewing projects for the girls so I will try to post again soon. Christmas is only nine days away and they will both be home for break starting next Monday. That leaves me just four days to get stuff done!!!!


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  • julie - i just love your dd!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ann - If I had handwriting like you I’d use it all over my book! It’s great, pretty as Ali’s. Leave the card. The white on the the Believe card and the Ho Ho Ho card is a good look and balances nicely.

    I just started page 13 and am a slow scrapper, which is odd because I mostly use pictures! It can take me three hours to decide whether to put a ribbon on something. Sigh! . Oh well, I guess finishing by February is a good goal. :).

    Your book is gorgeous.ReplyCancel

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