December Daily 2014 : Days Five through Nine

I have so been enjoying doing a hybrid album this year. The main reason? GLITTER TAPE!!! Against my better judgement I ordered a multi-pack and now I am happily putting that stuff EVERYWHERE:) It’s the little things you know!

I have actually had these pages done for awhile, it just takes a bit of time to photograph, edit, and write a blog post. (Or at least it takes me a lot of time.) So without further delay…here is Day 5, a date night:


It was fun to actually be able to include “stuff” like a business card from the restaurant. (Another reason I didn’t want to be strictly digital this year.) For the large photo on the right I did one of my favorite techniques for less than stellar iphone photos–use the “artistic” filters in Photoshop. (I think my favorite is the Palette Knife filter.) More often than not it makes a really grainy and bad quality photo better! I used a Midnight Core Edition card for the journaling and just replaced what was in dark gray tab with a holiday brush. I am not sure if there is an easier or fancier way to do it, but the way I accomplish this type of “switch out”  is to draw a shape in the same color over what I want to replace. Once the shape is rastersized you’d never know there was something else there!

Here is Day 6, a fun day with out of town family doing what Aunties do best, having fun baking cookies with her nieces:


As I look at this now I realize I have to do something to cover the staples on the top right (you’ll see why they are there on the next page). I also wish I had saved the big star’s tip to put on the “be happy” card. I like having things go one pocket to the next. The be happy card is from Gossamer Blue’s December Memories kit–somehow I found out about it and when I saw it I had to have it! It’s super bright and fun and a bit more “me” than the one I am using now. I think combined they will look great.

Day Seven the girls and I went to a church Christmas party. We got to see a “helper” Santa and play games. They LOVED it. And I loved getting to throw red sequins in the top left pocket! I was too lazy to set up my sewing machine, so I went crazy with staples!! My gold scalloped tape covered them nicely on this side. LOVE that stuff.


Day Eight captured a celebration at church. I love how the page on the left turned out. It was a less than stellar iphone photo that actually looks like a watercolor painting when blown up and printed. There were a bunch of heads in the photo before–which is why I cropped the kids singing barely in it at the bottom. I actually think it turned out more powerful this way, with all of the ceiling and their little hands up. One of my favorite pages in the album so far.


Day Nine was my husband’s birthday. Love that it always gets included in our album each year.


And that’s where I am. I have an idea for the next two days, and even the next two based on what we have on tap, so hopefully I will find time to work on them before too long.

Have a great weekend!

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