Digital December Daily 2014 : The Final Pages

There has been such a flurry of weddings this winter that I haven’t had the chance to post the rest of my December Daily album so I thought I would pop in quickly this weekend to show off the rest. Believe it or not my album has been done since about January 4th (I really love doing a physical 6×8 pocket album)–I just got hung up on the photographing of the pages part. Blogging looks so easy…until you have one. Posts take forever to format and put together!!!!

Anyhow…here are the rest of my pages. We begin with Days 16 & 17. An everyday kind of capture and a collage of “sister” photos that were taken in December that I hadn’t scrapbooked yet in the album:


Day 18 brought Holly’s Christmas concert at school. I camped out in the parking lot about two hours prior to grab a good seat! (Whether I should be proud or embarrassed by this admission I really can’t say….)


Day 19 is a self-timer photograph of me sewing the finishing touches on Holly’s Christmas doll. I can still remember that day so well…it was the perfect combination of Christmas music and snow falling softly outside. I think the house smelled like pumpkin candles and I was enjoying cocoa. Definitely a memory you want to hold onto forever. You can also see the insert/intro day to Day 20 here:


Once the insert if flipped, here is the rest of Day 20:


Days 21 & 22 were super simple. I think I was getting December Daily fatigue by this point! The one thing I love about day 22 that is hard to see in this photograph is that the recipe on the 3×4 card is in my grandfather’s writing. I thankfully scanned a recipe in of his years ago and now that he is gone I just love seeing his handwriting again.


Day 23 involved a lot of scurrying around doing last minute shopping and lots of partying (both in the neighborhood and at school). Holly wrote out a list of things to buy at Target in her adorable 7 yr old handwriting so I slipped that in the little bag from my Gossamer Blue December Kit:


Here is the view of the other side once the bag is flipped over:


Christmas Eve I was able to capture some of my favorite holiday photos EVER with my iphone. As I was tucking the girls in I stood above them on their bed and shot straight down. SO SO CUTE. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I put them ALL in with an insert:


Here is a look at the other side of the insert and a large photo of one of my faves of the bunch:


Christmas day is actually pretty simple as I try not to have my camera disrupt too much. We spent the morning at home and the afternoon at grandma’s house:



After the 25th was recorded you can see I put it a transparency divider and then made a Top Ten list with a 3×3 page protector. I had a lot of fun putting that last page together. It wrapped up the month nicely and gave me a chance to squeeze in a few more photos that hadn’t fit anywhere else:


The last page of my album is a 6×8 from Christmas Eve. I love this photo so much that I enlarged it to a 16×20 and have it hanging in their room. Melts my heart everytime I look at it!


I will be back next week with some new wedding posts and a mini session announcement. Have a great weekend!

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