Digital Project Life 2013 : Week Four

One of my favorite weeks so far, welcome to Week Four!

Whole Spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

What we were up to this week:

It was so bitterly cold here in Minnesota this past week that we stayed indoors a lot. This meant we broke out crafts and games and had fun with any and all dramatic play scenarios Holly could come up with. (This is her forte. She is constantly acting out movies, books, and songs. She has enough medical supplies to be the chief of staff somewhere and an entire play kitchen that acts as our restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria.) The picture of us on the lower left of the left side page was taken with the self-timer on the camera as we played hospital. Be sure to read my journaling card above it for the whole story! One of my favorite photos of the week is the b/w in the upper right of the right-side page. I walked into the living room and found both girls on their computers…..can’t believe how Marie is trying to mimic us already! She actually types with her fingers, in the correct position, on the keys. TOO FUNNY. The weekend ended with a mini-reunion of some of Holly’s preschool friends from her old school and sledding thanks to a picturesque snowfall late Sunday afternoon.

Techniques used this week:

Nothing too exciting this week. Brushes again of course, and I tried my best to embrace a few elements here and there. (Still obsessed with recoloring everything to match. Not sure how to do that? Be sure to check out my tutorial here.) Still not confident on how to use elements, but hopefully I am getting better. I did incorporate a screenshot from my iphone. Not sure how to do that either? This will show you how. Do you ever wonder how we answered questions before google and the internet? I sure do….

Supplies used this week:

I just had to go back and use the Seen and Noted Collection again. LOVE that kit! Still loving the calendar brush, the week in review card, and this week I think I finally completed a collage with Cathy Zielske’s Tiny Templates that I like.  I also incorporated two of my journaling card templates, one is available for free download here and the other will be releasing as soon as I finish up designing the rest of the collection. I love how they turned out, it finally feels like my instagrams have a spot now! I also discovered that Studio Calico has a digital shop, so the Friday stamp and the awesome flag are from the free cut files and brushes provided by the Day by Day class. Loved the inspiration and tips in that class! Even though a lot of the digital elements say cut files, they are just .png files on a transparent background so I recolor them and add them to my layout. Their stuff is just too cute! The love journaling card is from this collection and the happy memories arrow if from here. The remember brush is from the digital Clementine edition. Has anyone else wondered why the digital kits didn’t have extra elements this time around? I keep meaning to ask if it’s going to be a later add-on, or if they are not designing them all together. I must say it made me sad–I loved the elements with my other kits!

Other Thoughts:

I really like when I have both the week number and the calendar with the dates on a spread. I received Volume One of last year’s album in the mail from Shutterfly on Friday and when I was looking through it I found that if a spread didn’t have both I was confused as to what I was looking at. So, definitely, this is going to be a constant. And honestly? I like them right where they are. (Combine those two spots with the week in review card and I have three spaces already pre-determined….makes everything come together so much quicker!)

One of the goals I had this year, although I haven’t mentioned it yet, is to be in the layout each week. Too often last year I was not–so I made it my goal to get out in front of the camera this year. So far, so good. This week I was even in there twice!!

I think the main thing I learned this week is love what your doing. I started with a completely different kit and I just wasn’t feeling it. When I changed over to Seen and Noted–BAM. The whole thing came together in a snap. It also helped that I really loved the photos this week….I think I got some adorable captures if I do say so myself!

And that wraps up another week my friends! I am linking up at The Mom Creative–be sure to head on over there for more Project Life inspiration.

I will be back tomorrow with a short video on how to use the calendar brush that keeps popping up in my Project Life spreads. Next week I will be doing a post on workflow. I have been writing down for the past week when and for how long I sit down to work on my spreads…and what I complete each time. Two words for you–WILLY NILLY. But…it might be interesting…for someone!

Also, loads of inserts to share–hopefully by the end of the week. If I stay true to my goal I should be sending photos off to Persnickety by Wednesday:)


Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky HigginsIt can be anything you want it to be. To learn more about Project Life check out Becky’s Website. The pieces used in my album are available through acdigitals here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

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  • Christine - Playing hospital…Genius!!! You are not the only one who thinks they don’t “play” enough. Good reminder to get ourselves into the layouts and a SUPER cute weekly spread. The picture of you and Marie is my favorite….well, maybe after the one of us two 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jan - Wow…so beautiful, the children, the layouts everything. Thank you for sharing. I am just beginning to do PL the digital way, so far so good…all about learning.ReplyCancel

  • sheena - Another fantastic week layout! I noticed you haven’t used the seafoam much…I got the seen and noted kit and love it so much too! i find myself using that the most. Thanks for sharing and giving me ideas! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Sheena, No…I haven’t. If this year goes like last year I only use the PL kits when I have to put together something really fast. I think I would use it more if it was more my color scheme, if you can’t tell I am into bright, bright color! I do love the Seafoam kit though, I just haven’t been inspired to use it again yet:) I also try to use a lot of kits because I get too bored if I don’t. I wish that wasn’t the case, I could sure save a lot of money!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I totally look forward to seeing your pages every week and this week was worth the wait. LOVE how you use patterned paper for the background – I have it on my list of things to do this year! Great idea to include YOU in the pages – I need to work on that for sure.ReplyCancel

  • Amy O'H. - I love how colorful this spread is- very cheery- something you probably need with that dreadful cold weather (although my kids would kill for a good snow storm:). Love also the weather screen shot- very clever. I will definitely use this! (The part about the garage door being stuck cracked me up.)

    I love how you are using two base papers with one acting as a large mat for the photos. I started duplicating the + card layers on my PL templates so I could lay a photo mat under each photo. It is so time consuming this way. I think I will give your layout a spin next time!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Mac - Simply GORGEOUS layout – just love the colours.

    So funny to see the winter photos – it’s summer here in NZ and we’re having a bit of a heatwave!

    I look foraward to seeing your PL weekly layouts – they are awe-inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Hi Heather,
    I really like your style! I am wondering how you do your black and white photos – do you use a preset or recolor them or something?!! I use elements but my black and whites do not look as nice as yours. Please help if you can and have time!! Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

    • admin - I use florabella actions for most of my black and whites–she does such a nice job with layers in them that I think they end up with a lot of depth. Here is a link to the ones I use most often–b/w film and b/w blush. They are part of the luxe II collection.ReplyCancel

  • Dunia - I’m always impressed how you photos always tell a history <3ReplyCancel

  • Sandy - Of course another beautiful layout!! I love what you do and love coming back to see your pages. I will be stopping by tomorrow to see your tutorial even though I don’t have Photoshop, but I just want to know how its all done.

    Thanks again!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Wright - Your photos look amazing. I love your nurse… so adorable.
    You did a great job this week on your layout!

  • Cerise - Gorgeous layout! I love the laptop picture. Too cute!
    Thanks for the template! I can’t wait to use it!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth A - Wonderfully colorful layout. Great pics too.ReplyCancel

  • Donna G. - Love your layout!! I’m so glad you mentioned “REMEMBER” in the Clementine kit. I overlooked it because it’s so pale. Thanks! =)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - How do you scrapbook with a 5 yr old?
    I have a 4 yr old and would love to scrap with her but I’m almost afraid or really I know about the time I’m done pulling things out & sit down she’ll be on to something new.
    I saw your post on her doing a project life album but any more tips – I would love to read! Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - That’s a great question! It really is quite hard as she chatters on non-stop (making it hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing!) and needs me to spell everything. I do my best to be patient and get her what she needs as I know it won’t be long until she can do a lot of it herself. Truth be told she only sits with me for about ten minutes or so at a time and then she is off into her land of make-believe playing in her bedroom!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I LOVE your layout! Such a vibrant display of real life!

    As I was looking at how you put together your title card, I noticed that the date on your Facebook status is 01.21.03 rather than 01.21.13. Maybe my eyes are seeing it weird, but I thought you might want to check.

    THANKS fir posting such fantastic inspiration!

    • admin - Oh goodness, it does say 03. Oh well. I already printed the 12×12–I usually have at least 2-3 goofs per month:) thank for pointing it out though!!! If I hadn’t printed it already I definitely would have fixed it.ReplyCancel

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