Digital Project Life Technique #2 — Using the Calendar Card Brush

I had received some comments asking about how I use the adorable calendar brush by Nisa so that is the focus of today’s video. For those that just like the nitty gritty details I have two recommendations for you when using a brush: make sure it’s on its own layer, and after it is “stamped” in the appropriate place create a clipping mask. Having the brush on it’s own layer allows you to resize it and move it later on, and the clipping mask comes in handy if you plan on having your brush on the edges of your photo or shape and want a nice finished look. (If the brush is in the middle of a photo or shape, however, creating a clipping mask is not always needed.) Onto the video:

I hope these little video tutorials help, and I really hope I get better at them! I find I still say “um” to much, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get them crystal clear. This one almost seem worse quality-wise than the last one …but what the heck! It’s fun seeing someone stumbling along and figuring it out isn’t it?! (I detest learning curves, but in the spirit of my New Year’s Resolutions I am trying to be okay with not having everything perfect right away.)

I’ll let you know later how long I will be able to keep that up:)

I found if I did two things: made sure the quality was at 480 (can be changed by clicking on the icon that looks like a little spoke wheel/cog) and clicked on the CMD and + buttons on my keyboard together, to make the webpage bigger, it helped. I have a MAC, so I don’t know if the CMD + together thing will work on a PC? If so…leave me a comment and fill us all in!

Thanks again for hanging in there with me as I figure all of this out. 🙂




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  • Heather S. in VT. - Great video! Thanks for sharing!! Even though I “know” how to do it, it’s great to see someone else do it!! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Macpherson - Hi Heather, Thanks so much for this. Just wanted to let you know that Ctrl + works on a PC.

    Thnaks, MichelleReplyCancel

  • noe - Thanks so much, the video was very helpful. You’re so talented!ReplyCancel

  • libbywilko - Great fun little tut, think this will be great for newbies 🙂ReplyCancel

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