Digital Project Life : Week Fifty-One

We are in the home stretch! I still can’t believe how much I have enjoyed this project all year long and how excited I am about starting fresh in 2013. Recently I have received a number of emails from readers with questions about how to get started, how to include yourself in photos, how to get going with digital….etc. I am so excited and so happy to answer these all of these questions and more, and am working on some blog posts now to address them. Unfortunately I have been sidelined for DAYS with pneumonia and am only now beginning to feel slightly better. (And by slightly better I mean actually walking around and sitting somewhere other than the bed.) Certainly had a huge affect on our holidays. This is two years now that we have had some pretty severe sickness at Christmas. ICK!

Thankfully I had most of my Week 51 complete before I was struck down on Saturday. Here is a look at the left side:

And the right side:

I am absolutely in love with the right side–specifically the photo of little Marie. She looks at everyone and everything that way–so happy it’s documented forever now!


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  • Christie - Oh my goodness, I LOVE that photo, but I LOVE your journaling even more! My boys are 10 and 12 now, and I wish I would have taken the time for that kind of thoughtful journaling when they were younger.


    • admin - Thanks Christie! I struggle with my journaling a lot…I tend to fill up my pages more with photos, but I am trying to get better. What was crazy is that I actually WAS crying as I wrote that out…I kept looking at those legs of hers and just thinking about how in a few months they will look NOTHING like that. ah motherhood. Exhausting as all get out, and then there are times when you just want time to stop!ReplyCancel

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