Digital Project Life: Week Forty and Week Forty One

I’m here! I’m here!

I am not behind, but I am not ahead. I am barely hanging on:) I read on Facebook the other day that October for photographers is like April for accountants–so true. With a senior session, a family session, a wedding, and approximately 30 mini-sessions to keep on top of (let alone process and edit) it doesn’t leave too much time for anything else.

Put a five year old’s birthday party on top of that and WOW. Mommy overload!!

Anyhow, I won’t do a lot of commentary, just post the past two weeks for you all to see. I was able to showcase one of my favorite photos of Holly EVER on week 41–love the impact of a 6×12 photo!

First up, week 40:

This was Holly’s actual birthday week, and the week she got her ears pierced. I got to spend time in her class that week, which is always super fun. I have done it the past two years, and it’s so interesting to see, socially, how the kids are developing. This was the first year I really noticed that boys were with boys and girls were with girls…and then within the girls there were groups. Cliques. At five. Oh boy. I did manage to get two shots of Marie in this week. One was her first time in a pile of leaves (she had absolutely no idea what to do besides eat them) and another image taken with my iphone as she scampered away from the bedroom chair. She is always making a bee line for the bathroom. I have no idea why–it’s the last place I would want to crawl to. I am not sure it’s been cleaned since August….

And week 41:

By the end of the week I FINALLY had my D700 back, and had a new lens rented for the wedding I shot on Sunday. Me thinks mommy needs this lens in her bag! I had a sad number of photos this past week because of my a) missing camera and b) busy schedule, so I took the opportunity to create two “something I want to remember” cards that are just filled with things each girl is doing now. Run on sentences, incomplete sentences…really just brain dumps of stuff. Might not be the most eloquent, but boy am I glad I got all of it written down!

I also found photos I thought I deleted last week–the cuties of Marie in the red polka dots. She was clapping and playing peek a boo, and of course flashing her smile. She lights up a room that one.

And that’s all I wrote for weeks 40 and 41!


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  • libbywilko - Thanks for sharing the weeks with us Heather , look forward to seeing the wedding photos on the blog. Love the big photo of Holly and the cute hats on Marie! So cozy.ReplyCancel

  • Sheri - Heather, I LOVE your style! I am super happy to see one of my cute little cards used on week 41 too 🙂 Works perfectly with your layout! The large photo of your daughter is amazing! You have gained another follower! :)I hope you apply to be on Becky’s CT for 2013. I think you have everything it takes!! Good luck if you do decide too!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Sheri–OMG–thank you for your sweet comments! I have LOVED following your blog all year, it was so awesome to have a digital scrapbooker represented. You have given me tons of ideas!!! (And your card? LOVE!!) I actually did apply to the CT yesterday, and only today saw that someone put a link to my blog in Becky’s comments. Seriously floored me!! I am crossing my fingers:)ReplyCancel

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