Digital Project Life : Week Thirty-Nine

Welcome to the busy season for photographers! I didn’t realize until I was getting ready to post this that it had been weeks since my last blog post. I have SO MUCH to share, but am so focused at churning out everyone’s galleries AND creating a new portfolio website that I haven’t had time for much else!!

Here is week 39, a couple of weeks late, but done nonetheless. I did both week 39 and 40 in about two hours last night…and that was starting from scratch. Using Marcy Penner’s planning pages really helped me get my photos/thoughts together, would definitely recommend them if you get behind.

I have decided to post my two pages side-by-side. I like everything a bit smaller so you can see the whole layout, and it occurred to me that I probably didn’t need to share all of my journaling with the world all of the time! If you have any specific questions, let me know, but going forward this is probably how I will display my pages. If you follow me on pinterest, I will still be posting individual pages.

Here’s week 39’s spread:

Whenever I am short on time, I always revert back to the Clementine Kit. I just love that kit! Updates this week including working on teaching Holly to read and feeding Marie eggs. She LOVES eggs and eagerly will sign for more when she is ready for more. I must say it really is hard functioning without my DSLR, my eye has gotten so used to the crispness of my prime lenses that my old point-and-shoot is driving me crazy. 90% of my shots were blurry (I turn the flash off) so it was slim picking this week in the photo department!

One of my favorite shots from the week was of our yogurt sundae cups. As we finished up I was remarking about how different our tastes and preferences are…and then I though–YES–a 4×6 slot for project life! Detailing out what was in everyone’s cup sure does tell you a bit about each of us!

I will be back tomorrow with Week 40. And hopefully the post soon that I promised weeks ago about Chutes and Ladders park in Burnsville. Like I said, BUSY SEASON!!!


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