Digital Project Life : Week Thirty

Week #30. Can’t even believe that it has been going this long, that the year is more than half over, and that I still love this project.

It’s amazing what I am making time for these days. Nothing gets between me and my scrapping time, not even several seasons of Mad Men. I may not cook dinner (last night I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for my last meal of the day) and I may not exercise (I can’t take this humidity so walking time has gone bye bye) but by God I have recorded me some memories:)

Left Side: 

This is the first time in months that I did not have a Week in Review card. I actually didn’t even realize it was missing until about ten minutes ago, but there was enough journaling here and there within the week that I decided all was fine. I wasn’t about to spend any more time on this week’s layouts as I already had many an hour into it. I felt like getting scrappy with it and spent a ridiculous amount of time on three of the 4×6 slots. (I now completely understand why I don’t do that every week!) I do love the look, and it was fun to play around, but I think I will leave that kind of detail to Michelle Wooderson. I love checking out her stuff every week–if you haven’t discovered her blog check it out.

There wasn’t a whole lot of everyday this week, save the backyard pool fun and a shot or two of baby Marie. (Who is soooo close to crawling. CRAP. I feel like I have no time now, I don’t know WHAT I am going to do when she is mobile too!)

We had our last t-ball game, and a trip to the zoo. And I FINALLY did something I had been wanting to do for months–got Holly involved with the title card. I have lots of ideas for this–it will be fun to get really creative with her and the numbers. What is there this week she came up with entirely on her own….her own illustrated version of the week! (This is a new, absolutely adorable thing she does now. Lots of drawing to describe events. You’ll see what I mean in the next page.)

Right Side:

The top left is Holly’s drawing of her schedule at Summer Camp. She was working on it when I picked her up last week, and when she described to me what everything was I snatched it up and scanned it in before it got lost. LOVE this kind of stuff! If I ever get a core kit, or a binder, I just might keep the actual piece of paper–but for now scanning is fine. (**Side note–I do realize there is a misspelling. Unfortunately I didn’t save the file I was working on, and just dragged it onto the template, so I think it’s going to stay as is. Nice reminder to myself that I am not perfect:))

I used two templates from Nettio Designs in a couple of the squares that I received from my dailydigi subscription. I love Nettio’s stuff, so this was a really nice surprise in our files this month. (The kit I used, Blooming, is also from the dailydigi. LOVE that site!) Worked out perfectly since I had so many dinosaur and t-ball photos I wanted to incorporate.

The last square is just a four-way grid I made up in photoshop. I had a few instagrams I wanted to include and this seemed the perfect way to fit them in. Created the instagram element myself too! I am always saying insta-love, not sure if it’s a word I read online or made up myself, but I do love that app!

And that’s a wrap. I really hope that I am able to blog more than once a week this coming month…but summer? WHEW. Time in the summer is just so hard to come by!!!!

I am linking up at The Mom Creative again this week. Check it out for tons of Project Life inspiration!


Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky HigginsIt can be anything you want it to be. To learn more about Project Life check out Becky’s Website. The pieces used in my album are available through Jessica Sprague here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

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  • libbywilko - Love the photo of Marie pushing herself up.

    I love your idea for the title card with Holly holding up the week 30 sign 🙂 The scrappy squares were great too.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I LOVE the pink scrapbook paper/designs this week!!! Super cute colors!!ReplyCancel

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