Digital Project Life : Week Twenty-Five

Happy Wednesday all! Just a day late, but with good excuses! I had computer issues at the beginning of the week and couldn’t do a thing, and today? A flat tire. While it was not fun being stuck on the side of the road on a day of 95 degree heat with two kids under 5 we did find the shade of a tree and thankfully had water with us. As we waited for the car rental service to deliver a new car (we have a loaner from the body shop as the AC is broken in my van) I laid down on my towel, hands behind my head, and looked up into the tree. It was so peaceful and oddly calming I wondered two things…is this what it feels like to do Yoga? And when is the last time I did this? In all honesty it was really nice being “stuck.”

It was such a crazy day that the kids we out by 645 tonight, so I had time to finish up these layouts and get them posted. Maybe I will even start on Week 26!

Week 25 for us started with Father’s Day, and ended with a birthday party. Lots of normal stuff in between; Costco runs, swinging at the park, running through sprinklers, the stuff that is the day-to-day life of Summer.

In all honesty I am not sure I have ever been more in tune with the seasons as I have this year. I truly believe that being so mindful of everything around you, as one tends to be when committed to a project of this magnitude, you literally can hear the laughter of the kids and the smell of the BBQ when you glance at summer images. (At least I can.) Project Life is making me so very, very, happy.

Left Side:

Do you love this new blog platform or what? (This is directed to all of you who used to see these posts on the Homemade Home blog.) I can almost put double the size file up within a post, which I know will make many people happy! (Namely my mom!) It’s nice to actually be able to SEE the journaling yes?!

I stuck with a lot of Clementine Kit paper/embellishments, which is what I tend to do when pressed for time. It’s easier for me to take the creativity OUT of the equation at times like these and just use the core pieces. (If I didn’t…well, it’s safe to say I would still be messing around with the layout!)

Right Side:

Photos of our neighborhood fun have been blurred a bit for privacy, and the rest are pretty much all from the massive photo shoot we called Father’s Day! I will definitely have to do some inserts of all that I ended up with. There were too many photos to put in here!!

As usual I summed up my week with a card. The Week at a Glance reads:

Sunday was Father’s Day, so we spent it at The Farm and had a very nice family day. Mom had the chance to do a lot of picture-taking! Love what we ended up with. ~ Monday we were back at home, and back to our normal routine. We also had our second t-ball game of the season. Those games are still the funniest/cutest things to watch around! We ended the evening with a glass of wine at The Page’s while the kids played until dark. PERFECT.~ Tuesday Mom was wishing Marie’s nap schedule would normalize out. We can’t seem to find a rhythm! ~ Wednesday we spent the majority of the day indoors as it rained all. day. long. Luckily we did get out for a morning visit to the park and an afternoon break at Lynden’s. ~ Thursday was a day of spontaneous playdates, first with Meara then with Flan. Thank God for awesome neighbors! ~ Friday was a day of adventure, The Page’s and The Johnson’s headed off to Costco in one minivan. The kids had the BEST time! ~ Saturday Mom and the girls did a little shopping in the morning, and went to a birthday party in the afternoon. Before we knew it, it was bedtime and the week was done!


Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky HigginsIt can be anything you want it to be. To learn more about Project Life check out Becky’s Website. The pieces used in my album are available through Jessica Sprague here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

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  • libbywilko - Love being able to enlarge the photos of the layouts, they look fantastic.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Wead - I love the sight now, and like you said Mom loves that she can read the descriptions. Awesome JobReplyCancel

  • A. Shelley - Don’t forget about your nosey Aunt! I also love being able to read the descriptions. Definitely a better site to show off the pages!ReplyCancel

  • Christine - Love your new site, Heather. Project Life is honestly the ONLY photo keeping project I have ever kept up with so consistently in my life. Makes me so happy and I enjoy checking in on others like you who are using it, too. Have a great s summer!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Love the colors of these templates! The picture of Marie in that chair is so precious. 🙂 Completely agree with you about being/feeling in tune with the seasons and living in the present. It’s the way to be!ReplyCancel

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