Digital Project Life : Week Twenty-Four

Week 24. Pretty much the halfway point. I still love this project, and grow increasingly more impressed with myself everyday that I have stuck to it!

Before I forget, this is the last post that will be on this URL. Heather’s Homemade Home is going to merge with my photography site, and most likely starting Wednesday all blogging by me will take place at I had too many blogs, too many places to post things, and it was time to consolidate them all. I rarely have time for any other hobby than scrapbooking, so my dream of having a bunch of things converge here just wasn’t happening. (And I wasn’t blogging for my photography business either.) So there you go. A new and improved me! Soon!

Here are my pages for week twenty-four. First up, the left side:

This week I really went back to simple. Hardly any embellishing at all, and for the first time even had a reflective card of where I am right now. (I wanted to paint an accurate picture of life, so this journaling reflects some of the doubts I have about myself as a mom, and how I want to do better.) The internet can make you really put only your best self forward (for example, yes, that picture of me is photoshopped) but I think it’s important to record the stuff that’s very real in our lives too. And this includes sometimes being a much too tired of a mommy lately.

I was happy to get back to recording quotes, and I was really excited to think of snapping a picture of the radar on my iphone. This is Minnesota in the summer–heat, heat, heat followed by storms, storms, storms. And the occasional tornado. This particular storm had straight line winds that took a tree down across the street! Provided great breakfast entertainment the next morning as we watched the public works department clean it up!

Holly also started T-Ball this week, which really needs it’s own insert. Ah, the insert. Digital makes that really hard….I always intend to do them and I don’t. (I blame it on the photobook style…I desperately want to convert to the type of digital PLifer that prints the 12×12 layouts and puts them in protectors. I LOVE the new protectors!!!  And I love the look of the various sizes. I just don’t have the room for binders in my itty bitty house! What to do, what to do. I go back and forth daily. Seriously.

Right side:

Really got into using a bunch of Cathy Z’s products this month. Love her tiny templates, both the picture and the story ones. Even bought some of the 4×6 journaling ones. I really think it helped me write more this past week.

As usual I rounded out the week with my Week in Review card. The journaling reads:

Sunday started at 430am with an airport run. We hated to see Cake go home, and already can’t wait until her next visit! ~ Monday was our first day with Ellie as babysitter, and Holly couldn’t be more happy. She has someone to take her to the park each morning, and Mom has the chance to start AND finish a project, if only for a couple of hours! ~ Tuesday Mom continued her deep clean of the house and tackled the windows. It had been a year-ah! ~ Wednesday Marie slept through the night for the fourth night in a row. Mom is so excited about this. ~ Thursday Mr Pig was found! He had been missing for two weeks, and wouldn’t you know it he was right in plain sight on Holly’s bookshelf this whole time. We also hosted our first craft party and decorated paper doll chains. Can’t wait to do more projects this summer. ~ Friday Mom went out to Stillwater to take pictures. Discovered a new park we will be taking the girls to–Teddy Bear Park. So cute! ~ Saturday we headed to the farm for Father’s Day after the girls took their naps. Had a great dinner, played some cards, and ate some of the best rhubarb dessert. Long live heavy cream!

Be sure to bookmark my new blog site at See you there!


Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky HigginsIt can be anything you want it to be. To learn more about Project Life check out Becky’s Website. The pieces used in my album are available through Jessica Sprague here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.


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  • Suzanne - I really like your digital pages! So many digital pages look too busy to me but yours look very nice!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine at Design Editor - I’m crazy about that softball pic! Great work!ReplyCancel

    • Heather - Thanks Catherine! I stop by your blog just about daily, and always love everything you make/do. I really loved yesterday’s “living with toddlers” post–it inspired me to take a picture of my kitchen table today. I am thinking of captioning it, “Why I never have free time,” and then drawing little lines and words describing what everything is and how long it takes me to take care of it. AH! (Cathy Z did this a few weeks back…I think she was talking about her work or desk?) I can’t even remember what she called it, but it has stuck in my brain ever since!ReplyCancel

  • Fiona - These are really nice pages. I also struggle with the whole insert thing and doing my PL digitally. I have just decided not to worry about it. You could always just do a different style 12×12 as your insert so it looks obviously different. Just a thought :)I like how you added journalling about what you’re going through right now. What a great idea!

    I adore that photo of Holly laying under her chalk rainbow. Sweet!ReplyCancel

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