Digital Project Life : Week Twenty-One

It’s week 21. I still really love this project but I am struggling a bit getting enough pictures (and having enough energy) to keep up. I am not behind…yet. With surgery at the end of the week for Holly, and every party, shower, and event coming up for the next few weeks…..well….let’s just say I am getting worried!

Left Side:

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time outside, so I made sure to get pictures of the baby in her new stroller, the baby trying out the swing at the park, and Holly’s skinned knees! Just one look at her legs, and you can tell that summertime outside play is in full force!

Marie officially cut two teeth as well, I just couldn’t get around to getting a good picture. I will definitely try to do that this week. I did manage to get her journey into solid foods recorded though–doesn’t she have the sweetest smile?

Right Side:

Every single photo this week is with my iphone, save the three on this page in the 4×6 spots. I just really am truly exhausted, and lugging out my big camera is just more than I am in the mood for right about now. I really wish babies were born with their teeth. This teething phase is kickin’ my rear, I need some sleep!

Getting the playhouse built and in the backyard was the big event this week, and also capturing Holly before and during her playdates. Those girls just love, love, love their princesses!

Here is the journaling for this week’s Week in Review card:

Sunday we headed back home from our weekend in Wisconsin and proceeded to do absolutely nothing but putz around the house for the rest of the day. ~ Monday Mom spent a lot of time going through her photos from the weekend. Got a ton of great shots! ~ Tuesday the girls and Mom went for a walk and had a picnic at the park. When Daddy got home from work he moved the playhouse into the backyard. Woo Hoo! ~ Wednesday was another lounge day. Holly was at school and Mom and the baby stayed inside most of the day watching movies. (And wondered why they were so lazy this week!?) ~ Thursday Marie continued to do battle with her teeth and had another day of hardly any sleep. Mom wishes those teeth would come in already. ~ Friday Daddy was home from work so he spent a little time with the baby as Mom ran errands. Tried to arrange a backyard playdate but the neighbors, then Holly, fell asleep pretty early in the evening. Mom followed suit at about 715. ~ Saturday we attended Nanny’s sister Tiffany’s baby shower and then headed to the farm for a weekend of fun and relaxation. (And maybe some sewing!)

And that’s a wrap. I am off to get a nap!

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  • Christy - I love the idea of a week in review journaling card! Just a great way to keep track of all the important memories from the week! The digital scrap pages always looks so clean and pretty!ReplyCancel

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