Digital Project Life : Week Twenty-Three

I am honestly still amazed that I have stuck with this project, and that I still love it. Both things are major for me!

This past week we had “Cake” (aka Nana) in town, so the layouts pretty much revolve around that event. We did lots of things together, so I tried to get a good depiction of all of the activities. The kids miss her so much already, and it goes without saying that I am lonely for my mom already as well. The help is nice, of course, but more than that I really enjoyed our walks and talks…and just in general hanging out. It isn’t until company is gone that I realize how lonely it can be sometimes to be at home with kids. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but the days sure go faster when there is another adult here with me! (The only downside? One blasted bathroom!)

Right Side:


This is a new kit from this month’s digi files at the LOVE my membership there, and LOVE this kit. This whole bright coral thing? I am nuts for it–seems that color is all over the stores now, and if I had my way I would have a purse, a skirt, a dress, some shirts…hell maybe even some shoes in this color. If I was brave enough I would paint my kitchen bright coral!!!

Anyhow, this was really fun to put together, as the colors and everything were just too pretty. On this page I have a picture of Cake and Holly playing in the clubhouse, me painting the girl’s dresser (only three drawer fronts left to do), Holly’s summer manifesto, and me rocking my girl in what I am sure was the throes of throat pain. Oh and a picture of Marie’s cute chubby baby thighs. *sigh* I know they are going to be gone before I know it!

Holly is completely off pain medication now…and in all honestly it wasn’t that bad a recovery. We kept her medicine schedule strict and exact (we got up in the middle of the night for a week straight to make sure she didn’t miss one dose) and I am sure that did the ticket. Rarely did she ever complain of pain as a matter of fact. Some days she didn’t eat very much–but all in all she was able to make it through on more than just ice cream, pudding, jello, and mush!

When my mom was here I put Marie on the floor a lot more, and wouldn’t you know it–she can practically sit up on her own! My second child doesn’t suffer from lack of pictures like most, but she sure suffers from a lack of her mother noticing any sort of milestone whatsoever. When I fed her solids for the first time she was so ready she practically grabbed the spoon herself and shoved it in….and I will still never forget the day I sat her down on her stomach and she pushed up her arms and held her head up high. (I had no idea she could even do that!)

As usual I have my week in review card. The journaling this week reads:

Sunday we spent time as a family around the house. Holly’s recovery is going great so far, we are so proud! ~ Monday Mom cleaned like a madwoman. Apparently all I need to know is “company is coming” and I have the energy of ten women!” ~ Tuesday “Cake” arrived! Cake is happy to see her grandchildren, and Mom is happy to have the help.  ~ Wednesday we began what would be the week of many walks! We enjoyed going to Trader Joe’s and trying out new recipes. ~ Thursday was more of the same. Picking up the house, going for walks, comforting Holly, and playing with the baby. Marie can almost sit up all by herself! ~ Friday the heat of summer arrived and the AC was officially turned on for the year. Mom is a much happier person with central air! ~ Saturday Holly was really on the mend, and had her first full day without pain medication. We went to the park and out to Lynden’s for ice cream in the evening. Cake and Mom couldn’t believe how fast the week went, and are already looking forward to the next visit. It was wonderful having a walking/cooking/kid-wrangling/movie watching buddy all week!

Left Side:

I had fun using a different layout than Design A, opting for Design F instead. This page gives you a pretty good idea of how we spent our week. I absolutely love every picture on this page!

Tonight we have our first t-ball game, last night’s practice was hysterical. Four year olds have to be the cutest baseball players ever–can’t wait to put this coming week together! Marie is refusing to nap, again, so I better sign off. She seems to be a bit more stubborn about sleep than her sister, who at almost five years old is napping for me now.

Funny how different two sisters can be!


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