Getting Project Life Pages Ready for Shutterfly

I have received a few emails asking about how I plan on printing up my pages for Project Life, so I thought sharing my process with you may be helpful for those still trying to decide whether you want to go digital with Jessica’s products, Shutterfly’s book, or like me some combination of both!

For Project Life 2012 I am using the templates found at for my weekly two-page layouts. I purchased a full Clementine kit, and have also purchased a few odds and ends like the extras by DesignsByLili, some 4×6 templates, and some 6×12 templates. It may change in the future, but for now my book is mainly brushes by Ali and elements and papers strictly from the kit. Until I am 100% sure I won’t let this all go by the wayside (one look at my craft area would show you I am not the best at finishing projects) its better if I don’t feel I have a choice. I am one of those people who unfortunately gets a bit paralyzed when confronted with too many choices!

Anyhow I am opting to create a 12×12 book using the Custom Path feature in Shutterfly. I did choose the Clementine Edition, instead of startng one from scratch, so that if I wanted to I could always fall back on their idea pages and covers to fill in a page/week. Here is a screenshot of my book in process:

As you can see, I have already uploaded my finished pages! (I have a big fear of keeping up all year with accomplishing the layouts and then getting really burnt out  when it comes time to upload 100+pages so I started the uploading process last week.)

Before uploading I resized each layout to 11.95 x 11.95 inches and made sure the document was 300 dpi. (I also verified, per the shutterfly templates, that the Sprague templates would not be “cut-off” at the edges. They will not, so no need to resize the templates themselves unless you want some more background space along the edges. To do this, I just link all of the layers and use the free transform tool to resize. There might be an easier way, I just don’t know it!)

Because the custom path book is pre-populated with idea pages, it’s necessary to click on a page each time and replace the idea page with the “picture is entire page” option that can be found under the 1 picture layout choices. I have drawn an arrow on my screenshot to show you which one. That’s it!

If that’s what has been keeping you from going digital–don’t be intimidated any longer, it really is quite easy! If you have any questions, or if what I said doesn’t make sense, leave a comment and I will be sure to clarify and help!

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  • Odessa - Love this tutorial and your blog! This was exactly what I was thinking of doing just hadn’t worked out the kinks yet. It helps to see the process laid out so clearly. Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

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