He Sure is Charismatic! — Minneapolis/St Paul Newborn Photographer

Last week I photographed the most engaging little newborn ever–seriously, you won’t believe these photos. (And the fact that he was only a week old when they were taken.) I have never seen anyone that little have so much character. He not only was incredibly fun to photograph, but he nailed every shot in seconds. This whole session only lasted an hour! LOVE newborn lifestyle sessions!

We started with a few shots with Dad…I just LOVE the look on the baby’s face on the right! That is how he looked at his Dad every. single. time.

When we realized little man was just NOT going to nap we decided to do a few shots on Mom’s lap,

and on Mom’s shoulder. Every session has “THE SHOT” and this one? This was IT.

By this time the baby was very relaxed and comfortable with my big camera in his front of him, so I sent Mom and Dad off to relax while I took a few shots in the crib.

One thing I tell parents, particularly new parents is never to worry about a) what the house/nursery looks like or b) what they themselves look like. Having had a newborn not long ago myself I am all too aware of how tired I was and how much I didn’t want my picture taken–but at the same time wanted to somehow be represented in the photos that were snapshots of those first few weeks of babyhood. Soooo many parents tend to feel the same way, so I work really hard at getting creative with angles and crops that accomplish these goals. The images below capture this well I believe:

If you are interested in newborn photography in Minneapolis/St Paul, please book a session! (But if you want to learn more about the whole process first, head on over to session details in the left-side menu bar.)

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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