Hello Wednesday.

All day long I thought it was Monday. In fact I almost wrote Hello Monday as a title to this post. Wow–this week is already zooming by fast!

We are busy getting ready for Holly’s surgery on Friday. Tomorrow we have a pre-op/labwork appointment in the late morning, and then a surgery tour at the hospital around dinner time. She is having her tonsils removed at a hospital that specializes in children, so there is a bit of comfort in that. (Everything they do, right down to what they call pieces of equipment, is done with kids in mind. The whole surgery tour tomorrow evening is a walk through of what is going to happen so that the kids are less scared.) The only hitch in this whole plan is the fact that Mr Pig, Holly’s favorite stuffed animal, is NOWHERE to be found. I have looked everywhere in the house, in the cars….to no avail. Please say a prayer that I will find him tomorrow–he has been from New York to California with us (and everywhere in between) I can’t imagine him not being there to comfort her through this.

This past weekend I actually completed a quilt, even have it on Holly’s bed already, I just haven’t taken a picture to show here. (It’s proof that I do indeed have other hobbies!) It’s really cute and coordinates with both the valances, bedskirts, and changing table skirts I have in their room. If I could get a few things hung on the walls (that’s right the puzzles are still not up) it just might look put together around here!

I also completed a scrapbook page. This is one of the princess party I mentioned week twenty in my project life layouts–I really like the idea of having one, maybe two photos of an event that happened in the PL album, but then going into more detail with more pictures the traditional way. I do plan, however, to put it all together in the photobook for PL. I don’t have the need, nor the space, for separate albums!

It’s a shame I had to blur a few of the photos as they came out so, so cute.

The baby is crying AGAIN so I better wrap this up. I don’t know WHAT is up with her, I just know that she is having a really tough time lately. The bottom teeth are in, could this be the top teeth making their presence known?

I feel so bad for her!


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