Kristy — Minneapolis/St Paul Lifestyle Photographer

Today I had a blast with my good friend Kristy.   I originally met her through my book club (which is more of a dinner and wine club now, but seriously whose isn’t?) about six years ago.  She wanted to get some shots done of herself today, and I must say I am just head over heels in love with them.  This shot is SO her….she truly is a spark of energy– can’t you just see it in her eyes!?

I have another shoot scheduled tomorrow with this same purpose in mind.  Another woman, wanting to get some fun shots of herself, with no real purpose behind it other than JUST BECAUSE.  In my opinion women need to do that more–get in front of the camera as we are so often behind it, and let you life be captured just as it is….right now.

I need to do this myself!


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