Nate and Linsey : Saint Paul College Club Wedding

She was leaving a party and was supposed to turn right, but instead she turned left. His truck was parked in that direction and she had a question she wanted to ask him. Was he single? (Yes.) Would he like to go out some—Yes! He answered before she could even finish her sentence. And so it began for Nate and Linsey….

The next night was their first date, with her family. HER FAMILY. And it couldn’t have gone better. They knew, that first night, that they had something really good. They stayed up all night talking. Sharing the stories of past relationships, of who they are, who they hoped to be. Turned out they both were caretakers, “fixers,” the first person who calls when a friend is in need. Both of them never thought they would find someone that would treat them like they treated others, in fact both of them were pretty sure they would end up on their own. But that was not to be. Turns out life is a lot easier with a partner. In Linsey’s first email to me she ended it with a simple phrase, “We are so lucky we found each other.”

Nate and Linsey—you two make me smile. Big. I was incredibly honored to document your wedding in St Paul, and be part of an event that was so full of laughter and fun it was easy to forget I wasn’t part of the family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, and thank you bringing your hearts to the whole process. It was beautiful, you all were beautiful. Much Love — Heather

To see more of Nate and Linsey’s Saint Paul College Club wedding feel free to check out their slideshow, or watch it here.

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  • Stephanie - Stunning. You would think Linsey had two photographers there, if not three, to capture everything you captured! Looks like a perfect day and you recorded it perfectly!ReplyCancel

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