The world of senior pictures has come a long way since 1991. When I think back to my own senior portraits I remember a marbled brown backdrop, studio lights, and a bad perm. In a nod to tradition all of the girls were required to put on a pair of pearls and a black v-necky thing for the yearbook.

I think it’s safe to say times have changed.

Today’s senior sessions are all about individuality. When I meet up with a senior these days we photograph and explore their world–my goal is always, always to create a collection of photos that tell his or her story. If your a mom reading this wouldn’t you love a look at what your life was like at 18? I know I would. Unfortunately all I can recall about being 18 is the aforementioned perm.

Anyhow….. Meet Olivia.

When we brainstormed ideas together she mentioned that most of her time is spent at school, a local coffee shop, and church. So off we went to capture her world.oliviaAoliviaBoliviaColiviaHoliviaJ I just love how these photos give you a glimpse who Olivia is. I can tell you, althoughI am sure you can see, that she is a beautiful, intelligent, and fun young woman ready to take on the world. Thanks for a fantastic evening Olivia. It was a joy to photograph you!

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