Week in Review

I don’t know if this is technically going to be a review of the week, more like an apology for being so absent lately! Ever since we came back from California the babe has had really bad teething episodes and has consequently not been sleeping hardly at all during the day. The less she sleeps, the less free time I have! (My absence may also have something to do with the 13 loads of laundry I did all week long too….)

Gearing up for a busy weekend. We have a birthday party in the morning to attend, and then the whole family is heading north for a wedding. Which reminds me…I have to get my camera charged up!

Really nothing else to report this week. Lots of housework, and a bit of scrapbooking. I really do have other hobbies (like quilting) but unfortunately they are taking a back seat to everything else as of late. I have some fabric for a quilt for the girl’s room that I am dying to show off…maybe next week.

I finished up an “ode to the instagram” page tonight which highlights some of my favorite iphone photos from the trip to Disney. I used a template from Nettio Designs–love, love, love her stuff. This came together in less than 30 minutes.

I absolutely love how this came out–you can tell just by looking at all of these little shots in a big circle that we had fun, fun, fun! I hope to get a few more pages done about Disney before I forget exactly what we did when! (Don’t get me started on my Week in The Life stuff–I am stalled out on day two, I REALLY need to get that stuff down or it will be long gone out of this brain by June!!)

Have a great weekend!

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