Week in The Life : Monday

I have one page completely finished, and am almost done with page two, so figured the best thing to do would be to share them here. *Hopefully* that will keep me motivated to churn them out. (Actually motivation isn’t the problem, it’s time. Even being all digital doesn’t help with this one. Turns out adding in WITL to Project Life was a bit too much for this somewhat overwhelmed mom!)

This is so tiny, I made sure to copy the journaling down. The journaling reads:


Our mornings at this point in our lives are filled with activity, chaos, and more chaos! Try as I might, I never seem to be that prepared for finding shoes, packing lunches, making drinks, cooking breakfast, and shuffling everyone out the door in time for preschool and work to start. Lately I have begun to not even attempt to eat breakfast with the family, and instead get things packed and ready to go while Holly enjoys her oatmeal and Daddy enjoys his eggs. It’s easier this way. After Holly is off to school, Marie and I settle into our own routine which consists of nursing and napping by 9, followed by a walk at around 11. While she sleeps I enjoy my oatmeal, read blogs, and pick-up the mess that is the worst on Mondays. Evidence of a fun weekend is left all over the house! This particular Monday was really tough, as I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night. So instead of sleeping I scrapbook!

I don’t know if it will hold true as I work my way through more days, but when I wrote about the day it seemed to come out more like a generalized overview versus what we did exactly at what time. (Honestly, I just couldn’t keep up with that much note taking with the kids being so young and active.) I have decided not to stress about it. It is what it is, and it’s neat that I was able to get it all down. When the girls look at it someday they are not going to care that it doesn’t have time labels, they are just going to enjoy seeing what we did that week.

And that’s all that matters.

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