Weekend Recap

Here is what this weekend was all about–

the park! We were there three or perhaps four times…I sort of lost count:) It’s so amazing to see how much Holly has grown; she was doing things (like scaling the poles above) that she couldn’t do a year ago when we moved here. Love love love how close the park is too. So much easier to fit all of this in when it only takes about a minute and half to get there.

In addition to the park we had a walk to Trader Joe’s, complete with a banana snack.

And of course we made sure we had time for a photoshoot along the way

When we got home Marie showed off her newest move–spinning her high chair wheel! When did my baby get so big? (And so intent…check out that stare!)

All in all a perfectly normal weekend in the life of a family with young ones. Marie is recovering nicely–although it seems like her teeth are really bothering her now. I can see two white buds on the bottom. Poor girl is probably thinking enough is enough!

My Project Life pages are done already for tomorrow, so I think I am going to finish the night off watching The Voice and working on next week’s pages.

Have a great night!




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