Golden Oak Farm Bride and Groom Wedding Images
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Golden Oak Farm Bride and Groom Wedding Images

How to Achieve Genuine Wedding Images

One of the first comments a Bride and groom make at our initial wedding consultation is that they are not comfortable in front of the camera. Most claim they do not know what to do, how to pose, or how to act when one is pointed at them. Would you believe me if I told you that on your wedding day you actually forget I am there with my camera? It's one of my primary jobs as a wedding photographer! Accomplishing this is easy, once I learned how to lead and not direct.  

Golden Oak Farm First Look

The secret to capturing genuine moments is by placing a couple in a situation I know will elicit the emotions I want to photograph on a wedding day. This wedding image was captured on the front drive of the Golden Oak Farm in Webster, Minnesota, moments after the bride and groom's first look, and is a perfect example of placing a bride and groom in a specific situation that will produce genuine and emotive photography. No posing tips or direction from me were needed here as these two clearly only had smiles and eyes for each other. I simply photograph the moment as it occurs, with only a subtle reminder to the bride and groom before the first look begins to stay close to one another and enjoy this quiet time together.

Using Leading Lines for Better Composition

Golden Oak Farm is a great ceremony and reception location for a farm wedding in Minnesota. The front drive was chosen for the bride and groom's first look not only because it provided ample space for my second photographer and I to capture multiple angles, but also because of how the fence acts as a leading line in the photograph. A leading line paves an easy path for the eyes to follow towards the main subject and is a technique I frequently use to achieve a pleasing composition in my wedding photographs. Location: 5275 Lonsdale Blvd W, Webster, MN 55088.

1/8000; f/2.0; ISO 800; 24.0 mm.